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"Treasures of Music: Armenia"

"Treasures of Music: Armenia" "Treasures of Music: Armenia" It was a very long and difficult project, but the effect is worth its effort! The album "Treasures of Music: Armenia" contains 26 works with the Armenian choral music performed by 14 choirs from Poland, Armenia, Ukraine, Germany and Moldova. They are mostly folk pieces, arranged or composed by the famous Armenian composer and musicologist Komitas, but also contemporary compositions by young authors. Among the performers were both large choirs and vocal ensembles, with age ranging from children, through youth to adults. This album is a result of an open project announced by the International Choral Portal Chórtownia - each choir could take part in it by recording any Armenian song and sending it to the organizers. In return for recordings, the choirs will receive part of the stock for promotional purposes (the album is not for sale). Thus, we expect an immediate distribution among interested people ;) All participants of the project are almost 500 people, performing beautiful music at a very good level. Each song was recorded in different place and by other producers, so here we have real pot-pourri, not only musical but also geographic. Poland is represented on this album by the Mixed Choir Klaster from Zabrze under the direction of Barbara Gajek-Kraska and the Chamber Choir "Lege Artis" from Cracow under the direction of Agnieszka Trela-Jochymek. There is also the Choir of the Music School named after P. Stolarski from Odessa (conductor - Tatiana Yakovchuk) and Vocal Ensemble "Mravalzhamieri" at the Choral Studio Rhapsody from Chisinau (conductor - Natalia Barabanscicova), as well as the Shogher Choir from German Munich (conductor - Armine Babayan). We pay tribute to all participants from outside Armenia for mastering the repertoire in a less popular language - it's not the same as singing in Latin, English or Russian;) The other choirs come from Armenia, mainly from Yerevan, but there is also a large children's choir - Tavush Children Choir under the direction of Christina Sheroyan, who, as part of the preparation of the song for this album, recorded a beautiful music video (link). Interestingly, on the recording you can hear the voice of the bishop of Tavush province, singing with children! There is also one piece of the Paros choir (conducted by Raffi Mikaelyan), known in the world, that most people with disabilities sing in it. The project was also attended by both young and promising and well-known conductors: Artashes Baburyan (Choir "Ave Maria"), Gor Melkumyan (ARAR Choir), Ani Navasardyan (KHAZER Choir), Mamikon Andreasyan (Choir of the Music School named after A Ter-Gevondyan), Gayane Sahakyan (KOMITAS Choir), Tatiana Minasyan (ARAHET Choir) and Arno Barkhudaryan (Art Vocal Ensemble). The project from the Armenian side was coordinated by the ACCA - Armenian Choral Conductors' Association. We also had a strong support of the Armenian Union in Poland, thanks to which it was possible to co-finance its issue from the funds of the Ministry of Interior and Administration. We also thank the sponsors: People to People Europe, the Diocesan Pilgrimage and Tourism Center ARKA from Siedlce and (attention, attention) to all those who supported the project during the crowdfunding campaign. All the choristers, conductors, record producers and hosts of the objects in which the songs were recorded - we would like to thank you for participating in the project and invite you to listen to the album. Mastering was made by Gabriela Blacha from StudioB1, and the record was produced by DigiRec from Gliwice, Poland. There is a possibility to obtain a free copy of the CD, but shipping costs should be covered. In this case please write to


Treasures of Music - Armenia 2016

Project for choirs from different countries willing to participate in a CD with Armenian national music We announce to all choirs a very exciting project named "Treasures of music: Armenia". With our partners: - Armenian Choral Conductors' Association and - Association of Armenians in Poland we want to issue a CD with Armenian national music performed by choirs from different countries. Maybe you remember The Sound of Europe II International Choral CD Project (2015) which included choral music from Poland, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria and Hungary, that turned out to be very interesting eventfor every participating choir and a modest contribution to understanding different cultures for people who were presented this CD. "Treasures of Music" is a variation of it, however conditions of participating are similar. We announce a contest in which the prize is to put winning choir recordings on this CD. We have already selected choirs from Armenia that will have their recordins on this CD, but we are looking for 4 choirs from outside Armenia who would like to take part in this project. We are waiting for 2 recordings from every interested choir in MP3 format to the end of 2016: pieces of Armenian national music choral arrangements - please send them through dropbox, other services to exchange large files or snail mail (I will give physical address to interested choirs). Submitted materials will not be returned or used for any other purpose than the recording of the disc. We will take under consideration the recording quality, the level of performance and repertoire. Winning recordings will be placed on the CD. To be in compliance with the law, we expect transfer of copyright to the relevant field of exploitation in the written form with the choir - the disks will be not for sale: neither organisers, nor choirs are supposed to sell them, only free distribution will be possible. We don't refund recording songs by choirs, only mastering and the whole production of the disc. The project will be funded by the Sponsor(s), whose name(s) will be given later. All selected choirs will have to pay a small fee, depending on how many disks they would like to get for their purposes, to cover part of production and shipping costs (100 euro for 50 CDs, 200 euro for 100 CDs etc). Money will be collected after final selection. There will be also a contest for a booklet graphic, that will be announced separately.


Sunday Choir 2016

The Armenian Choral Conductors' Association started a ‘’Sunday Choir’’ program wich is unparalleled and has an aim to combine all the lovers of choral art in one place has started successfully and gladly invites others to be a part of this program. Within the framework of free implemented program the Armenian Choral Conductors' Association NGO every Sunday held meetings with the representatives of choral art. The goal of this program is to implement meeting-discussions to include in the choral art those who had a High musical education( also preliminary) . Each person over the age 18, who is not indifferent toward this sphere, can participate in this Sunday meetings. In Addition, the ‘’Sunday choir’’ meetings are being held in contemporary art's and interesting and intellectual entertaining centers of Yerevan. The First ‘’Sunday Choral’’ was held on 6th of March ,The speaker of the day was theologist , nominee of sciences Askhen Grigoryan , the conductor was Maria Galstyan from Sayat-Nova musical school. They were represented Holy Easter's armenian national and sacred choral songs. On 13 of March the second meeting was implemented with the theme of Easter’s Holy week’s armenian sacred choiral songs (sharakan) and hymns (Gandz). The conductor of the day was Shahe Keshishian («Ovsanna» choir and «Zangakner» group conductor). The next Sunday Choir dedicated to the children. Palm Sunday, March 20 in the Yerang Art Studio hosted the Sunday choir member, around 40 children who participated in open interest and enthusiastic choral class. The speaker was the theologian, A. Grigoryan, a colorful and vibrant pictures to describe the significance and symbolism of Palm Sunday celebration, which was followed by the celebration of learning children's songs. These were the choir conductors Ani Navasardyan ( "Khazer" chamber choir) and Maria Galstyan (Sayat Nova Music School). Not only prominent conductors are present in this program but also representatives from science sphere –architecture, linguist, historian, literary critic, psychologist , astronomer, and also teens that have a great love toward the choral Art. The « Armenian Choral Conductors Association» NGO was found in 2013 in order to foster the development of Armenian choral Art and to introduce it in all over the world. The Sunday Choir program will be continued. ==========



Հայ Երգչախմբային Դիրիժորների Ասոցիացիայի և Խուրտովնիա (Chórtownia) հիմնադրամի նախաձեռնությամբ սույն թվականի ապրիլի 29-ից Հայաստանում անցկացվում էր «Խաղաղություն Մոլորակին» (In Terra Pax) միջմշակութային երգչախմբային նախագիծը, որի հիմնական նպատակն է երաժշտության միջոցով տարբեր ազգերի միջև խաղաղություն տարածելը: Նախագծի մեկնարկին մասնակցեցին Լեհաստանի, Վրաստանի, Հայաստանի և Մոլդովայի խմբավարներ և երգչախմբեր: Նշենք, որ միջազգային երգչախմբային նախագիծն իր մեջ ներառում է երգչախմբային համերգներ, տարբեր ազգային երաժշտության թեմաներով համատեղ բաց դասեր և խմբավարների ու երգչախմբի երգիչների միջև փորձերի փոխանակումներ: «Խաղաղություն Մոլորակին» (In Terra Pax) խորագրով համերգաշարի ընթացքում Մոլդովայից Հայաստան ժամանած «Ռապսոդիա» մանկապատանեկան երգչախմբի խմբավար և գեղարվեստական ղեկավար՝ Նատալյա Բարաբանշիկովան, որն Իջևան քաղաքում անցկացրեց բաց դաս Տավուշի թեմի մանկական և երիտասարդական երգչախմբերի հետ, որոնց խմբավարն է Քրիստինե Շերոյանը, որից հետո՝ թեմի առաջնորդ գերաշնորհ Բագրատ Եպիսկոպոս Գալստանյանի աջակցությամբ, այցելություն ունեցավ Հաղարծինի վանական համալիր նաև Մոլդովական և լեհական ժողովրդական երաժշտության բաց դաս անցկացրեց «Հայ Երգչախմբային Դիրիժորների Ասոցիացիա» ՀԿ կողմից իրականացվող «Կիրակնօրյա Երգչախումբ» նախաձեռնության շրջանակներում: «Խաղաղություն Մոլորակին» նախագծի շրջանակներում՝ մայիսի 1-ին Ա. Խաչատրյանի տուն- թանգարանում համատեղ համերգով հանդես եկան «Խազեր» կամերային երգչախումբը (խմբավար՝ Անի Նավասարդյան), «Նարեկ» կամերային երգչախումբը (խմբավար՝ Նարինե Դավթյան) և Խ. Աբովյանի Պետական Մանկավարժական Համալսարանի «Ավե Մարիա» երգչախումբը (գեղարվեստական ղեկավար և գլխավոր դիրիժոր՝ Արտաշես Բաբուրյան): Նախագծի համահեղինակներ՝ «Հայ Երգչախմբային Դիրիժորների Ասոցիացիա» ՀԿ Նախագահ՝ Քրիստինե Շերոյանը և «Խուրտովնիա» հիմնադրամի նախագահ՝ Յուստինա Դյուման հանձնեցին միջազգային հավաստագրեր նախագծին մասնակցություն ունենալու համար:


ACCA & SOURS Help me to grow Happy 2015

31.05.2015 the Armenian Choral Conductors' Association - ACCA supported to Source Foundation for Supporting Children with Disabilities to make a project HELP ME TO GROW HAPPY in Tumo Park Dedicated to CHILDREN's DAY... Participants were, The Instrumental and vocal ensembles, including Armenia Smallest Singers Choir, . Budaghyan Art School and K. Sarajev Music School students, who like a pure sunshine brought a light to our unique children, giving a drop of warm smiles and boundless kindness and sincere ... Our duty is to take care of them who are in need .... Always with you ... and always by your side ...


International Choral Day 2015

Սիրով տեղեկացնում ենք , որ "Երգչախմբային արվեստի միջազգային օրվան" նվիրված համերգն այս տարի կայանալու է սույն թվականի դեկտեմբերի 6-ին, ժամը 14:00-ին Արամ Խաչատրյան մեծ համերգասրահում: Ձեր երգչախմբերի մասնակցությունը կգեղեցկացնի համերգային ծրագիրը: Ուրախ կլինենք հնարավորինս շատ երգչախմբերի մասնակցությանն իրենց մասնագիտական տոնին: Հարգանքներով՝ Հայ Երգչախմբային Դիրիժորների Ասոցիացիա Armenian Choral Conductors' Association - ACCA

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